WotLK release time – here’s when Wrath Classic goes live

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is shortly set to go live for World of Warcraft, and as usual Blizzard has provided precise details on the WotLK release time so you’ll know exactly when you can log in.

The WotLK release time is set for midnight CEST on the morning of September 27. That’s a single, global release time, so you won’t have to endure Australia and New Zealand playing hours ahead of you or anything. That also means that folks in the Americas will be able to get in the evening of September 26, so no need to wait for the official release date for the WoW Classic expansion to roll around.

Blizzard’s provided a chart (opens in new tab) breaking down how the release will spread across time zones. If you’ve got to squint to make them out, however, you scroll a bit further to see those times in bullet point form.

WotLK release time

(Image credit: Blizzard)

WotLK release time

  • September 26
    • 3pm PDT
    • 6pm EDT
    • 7pm BRT
    • 11pm BST
  • September 27
    • 12am CEST
    • 1am TRT
    • 2am GST
    • 6am CST
    • 7am KST
    • 8am AEST

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