This week’s best celebrity looks were all about simplicity

Anne Hathaway at the US Open 2022

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Anne Hathaway at the US Open 2022

It’s been a huge week for celebrity fashion, if we do say so ourselves.

Between reflections of Queen Elizabeth’s style legacy, predictions of King Charles III’s and the Emmy Awards kicking off awards season, there’s been a lot to digest. And that’s before you factor in that this week was also New York Fashion Week.

With all that’s been going on a lot of stellar celebrity outfits were at risk of going undetected, so we’ve rounded up a handful that deserve a second look. Below, our favourite celebrity looks from a historic week.

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Best use of a rubbish bag

She’s given us the infamous smokey eye, the dangerously low-rise centaur-chic, and the NYC summer take on Canadian Tuxedo. Time and again, Julia Fox proves she is one of the most daring and exciting style icons of the moment. The dress she wore to New York Fashion Week, which looks like it’s been fashioned out of a big black trash bag is no exception.

Rocking a copper version of her signature black eye and of course, bleached brows – the weird-girl beauty trend that’s making its way into the mainstream thanks to Fox and Kim K. The cherry on top for me is the handbag, which sort of looks like a cremated cockroach, and something about her mischievous grin makes me think it could be filled with them too. – Lara Daly

Best accessorising

I have never considered Kendall Jenner to be a fashion plate, despite social media and the internet trying to convince me otherwise. Her style is simply inoffensive, nothing memorable, until this look to watch a game at the US tennis Open which screams ‘wealth’.

Each item would be cool enough on its own but the simple and easily replicated preppy styling is what makes this so effortlessly chic: the crisp white dress (by Bottega Veneta) teamed with a navy Ralph Lauren baseball cap, gold hoops, thong sandals by The Row and navy blue sweater tied around the waist. – Zoe Walker Ahwa

Best example of keeping it in the (Addams) family

Christina Ricci clearly read that Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Morticia Addams is being touted as the lastest in gothic style inspiration and decided to use her Emmy Awards appearance to remind everyone of her vampy dominancy. She looked impeccably sultry in this rich slinky dress adorned with brown heat pressed sequins, which is from Fendi’s Autumn 2022 Couture collection.

The look is full of personal details – Fendi’s creative director, Kim Jones is godfather to Ricci’s daughter, and Ricci’s sublime sleek bob was cut on the day by hairstylist Mark Hampton, who is also her husband. Ricci told Vogue: “We were channelling 1960s paper doll cut outs.” I also loved spotting that her jewels include pieces by New Zealand-born designer Jessica McCormack. – Tyson Beckett


Best goddess

I’ve never hidden my adoration for Serena Williams and I’m very happy to enjoy her post-tennis career if it means highlights like this billowy silver gown she wore to the (terribly named) Vogue World event at NYFW.

She looks like a modern day Greek Goddess with the exquisite neck clasp of the cape which surely came with a personal wind machine. Also obsessed with the enormous yet elegant earrings that frame that perfect face. – Rebecca Wadey

Best use of white

I clearly have a sporty, preppy vibe going on this week, with another classic look worn to the US Open catching my eye. This embodies American sportswear, a nerdy fashion term that basically means relaxed dressing, casual separates and comfortable fabrics, rather than sportswear in the sense of lycra or trackpants.

Of course the ensemble is by Ralph Lauren, the king of American prep. Like Kendall Jenner’s pairing of navy and white, Anne Hathaway’s sunny yellow silk slip layered with a crisp white shirt feels fresh. But mostly I’m obsessed with the strappy mules which are giving 00s Carrie Bradshaw tripping awkwardly on the sidewalk. – ZWA

Best co-opting of a public water fountain for content

Eva Chen is one of those sartorially talented people who despite being firmly embedded into the fashion world (she’s a former magazine editor and current director of fashion partnerships at Instagram), and having one of the most enviably wardrobes in the world, maintains a refreshingly uncontrived relationship to fashion.

She always looks faultless and wears a lot of designer clothes which may or not be #gifted, but the majority of her wardrobe reflects the practicalities of life as a mum of three children who spends a lot of time schlepping around NYC on errands. See, for example the Chanel ballet flats she wore for most of New York Fashion Week. That doesn’t mean she or her fashion choice aren’t fun – as evidenced in this reel of her dancing in a water fountain between shows – fashion can be both. – TB

Best unexpected

Two of my favourite things: Keke Palmer and Valentino. Both of course frequently appear in this column but while we may be predictable, they are most certainly not. This white fitted lace suit isn’t a silhouette or colour I’d usually associate with Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino (of recent voluminous, neon fame) but I love a fashion surprise and what better way to deliver it than Keke. The embellished lace top and the trousers that become boots are sheer perfection (I’ll see myself out for that one). RW

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