Prince Harry, Prince William’s kids to end their feud this Christmas?

Prince William’s long-standing feud with his younger brother Prince Harry may thaw around the holiday season, as per an astrologer this predicts that their children could be the catalyst to end their rift this Christmas.

Talking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, astrologer Joy Yascone-Elms claimed that both Prince Harry and Prince William’s chart point to a possible reunion sometime later this year, but also that Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare could hinder a reconciliation.

Yascone-Elms said: “Prince Harry and Prince William’s chart point to a healing conversation or meeting over the holidays. This will help smooth out things a bit. I feel it is very plausible their children will bring them together.”

She, however, continued: “Yet on the heels of this reunion at the start of the New Year Prince Harry’s memoir will be released to the public. While the royal family may not enjoy the book or its perceived potential ramifications, this book for Prince Harry is not meant to destroy the family. It is meant to speak his truth.”

Yascone-Elms went on to explain: “Prince Harry and Prince William both had to process their mother’s very high-profile life and death publicly. Their lives have always been public as a part of their royal legacy; their grief, growing pains, joys, and sorrows. So why should the processing of their truth and pain be done in private?”

“As we all know everyone’s process is different. And it shows in Prince Harry’s chart that his family is a priority to him and his sense of duty to family,” the astrologer concluded. 

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