Prince Harry ‘can’t change’ his bombshell memoir even after Queen’s death

Prince Harry won’t be able to make changes to his upcoming bombshell memoir even if he wants to after the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, as per a royal expert.

Talking to OK! Magazine recently, royal expert Jennie Bond said that after the Queen’s death on September 8, 2022, and Prince Harry’s subsequent reunion with the royal family, his memoir now looms like a sword.

Bond said: “Harry’s memoir does hang like a sword of Damocles and until that comes out and we know what has been said, nothing can be normal.”

“Presumably it can’t be unsaid now either, presumably it’s at the publishers and it can’t be altered, even if he wanted to,” she further claimed.

The comments come as a body language expert claimed that Prince Harry’s mannerisms while walking behind the Queen’s coffin in London recently were ‘etched in sadness’. 

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