People Are Praising Netflix’s “Heartbreak High” For Its Groundbreaking Representation

In case you haven’t heard the news, the Australian ’90s classic Heartbreak High has been rebooted by Netflix, with a whole new cast (as well as some familiar faces from the OG series) gracing the halls of Hartley High once again.

While Heartbreak High only recently dropped on Netflix, it’s already gained a legion of fans for its authentic and relatable storylines, fire soundtrack and talented cast that accurately reflect young Australians.

Australian productions don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to representation (picture a lot of straight, white, cisgender faces). That’s exactly why viewers have been singing the praises of Heartbreak High, which incorporates LGBTQ+, POC, neurodivergent and First Nations characters to showcase the diversity of Aussie classrooms.

In a word, Heartbreak High is groundbreaking — and that’s why it’s drawn comparisons to other award-winning shows like Sex Education, Euphoria and Never Have I Ever. But at the same time, Heartbreak High is very much its own thing because of how uniquely it represents the Australian identity.

Here, we’ve collected just a small sample of reactions from fans who have felt represented through Heartbreak High and its characters, which ultimately shows both the impact and importance of this series.

the scene where quinni and sasha are on a date at the restaurant is such an accurate representation of what autism can feel like in loud, crowded, overwhelming public spaces. i’m crying i’ve never seen my experience represented like this before #HeartbreakHigh

Twitter: @rebbecasgf

I am just so impressed with #HeartbreakHigh!!! Would you like a big slice of good authentic lesbian, gay, asexual (!), queer, non-binary, autism and Aboriginal representation? Of course you do!!! Watch it!

Twitter: @calam1typlanet

We’re all talking about the Autistic and nonbinary rep in #HeartbreakHigh but can we also acknowledge the asexual representation with Ca$h? I though it was written quite well, explaining the concept rather than just being like “this guy is ace, moving on”

Twitter: @fluffyenderpug

Heartbreak high’s Quinni really gave me the autistic lesbian representation I have literally been looking for my whole life AND SHE’S PLAYED BY AN ACTUAL AUTISTIC PERSON HOLY SHIT #HeartbreakHigh @chloeshayden

Twitter: @sienharris

im sorry but i am literally never going to shut up about how much Quinni means to me as a character !! i literally cried during some of her scenes bc i have never ever seen representation of the way i experience the world in any other show. also chloe hayden ily #HeartbreakHigh

Twitter: @umhelloiguess

If you love Degrassi, Heartstopper, or Euphoria, watch #HeartbreakHigh. Writing is top tier, excellent representation (Indigenous, non-binary, autism & more), it subverts expectations & stereotypes, and the cast is PHENOMENAL. Plus there’s a mystery?? Don’t let it get cancelled!

Twitter: @kaymaldo

heartbreak high is groundbreaking.
it has an ensemble cast comprised of bipoc, lgbtq+ and neurodivergent characters.

this show helps young aussies see themselves reflected in the media and it is absolutely necessary. #HeartbreakHigh

Twitter: @digitallydazing

I’m not even a full episode in yet but I can already tell you without hesitation that Quinni from #HeartbreakHigh is THE most realistic autistic representation I’ve ever seen. I finally feel *personally represented*. If I think too much about it I’m going to cry #ActuallyAutistic

Twitter: @SpectrumGayMess

At the same time, let’s acknowledge that while Heartbreak High is incredible, Season 2 would be a fantastic opportunity to see more body diversity in the series (hello potential new characters!).

Loved Heartbreak High and all the amazing representation, if it gets renewed for a season 2 (I hope it does) it would be great to see more body diversity and fat bodies on the show. Like imagine Milo Hartill on the show? Big slay! @NetflixANZ #HeartbreakHigh

Twitter: @Heatherey

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