NSW Opposition Leader Chris Minns sacks MP Tania Mihailuk over failure to abide by parliamentary privilege ‘conditions’

New South Wales Opposition Leader Chris Minns has sacked Bankstown MP Tania Mihailuk for failing to fall into line with his conditions on raising information about potential illegal conduct under parliamentary privilege.

Ms Mihailuk on Tuesday night used parliamentary privilege to allege Canterbury-Bankstown Mayor Kahl Asfour was “tainted” and in cahoots with corrupt former minister Eddie Obeid.

The NSW Labor leader told 2GB host Ben Fordham he had told Ms Mihailuk if she refused to follow the guidelines she would be sacked.

“I’ve spoken to Tania Mihailuk and Kahl Asfour the Mayor of Bankstown, it’s really important to note that he’s rejected these calls he says that they’re untrue he’s launched an inquiry,” he said on Friday morning.

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“I’ve also spoken to Tania Mihailuk and said that she cannot stay in the shadow cabinet and launch political attacks by parliamentary privilege.”

Mr Minns added that he had not received any reply from the rogue MP indicating she would comply.

“I’ve come to the conclusion reluctantly that she can’t stay in the shadow cabinet and abide by those conditions which are obviously important, parliamentary privilege can’t be used to launch political attacks there needs to be due process,” he said.

“Under these circumstances she can’t stay if she can’t agree to these terms and it looks to me like she can’t agree to these terms.”

Ms Mihailuk claimed on Tuesday night that Mr Asfour had a relationship with Mr Obeid and was raising her concerns about him being put forward on Labor’s Legislative Council ticket.

“Tonight, I raise my legitimate and longstanding concerns regarding Asfour’s character and his unprincipled actions in furthering the interests of developers and identities,” she said.

“In particular Eddie Obeid, who went to his wedding, adorning him with a generous gift, as Asfour boasted at the time, and remained steadfastly committed to ensuring Asfour would be mayor throughout the period of redeveloping the landholdings in Bankstown.”

The Labor leader said Ms Mihailuk could not “launch repeated political attacks without substantiated documents using parliamentary privilege” because it did not give Mr Asfour due process or opportunity to pursue legal action.

After announcing the sacking on live radio Mr Minns addressed the media later on Friday morning to answer questions and explain further details.

Mr Minns claimed he had given Ms Mihailuk “every opportunity to raise her concerns” through official channels but he was still yet to receive a response meaning he was left with no alternative.

“I said is there any more information that would substantiate what are pretty extraordinary claims against the Labor Party potential candidate and an elected member of the Council, the Canterbury-Bankstown Council. No information was given in that meeting,” he told the media.

“I said well, given you’ve already launched the speech, I think a fair settlement would be that you can stay in the Shadow Cabinet provided if you have information, you go through official channels to bring that information to light.”

Ms Mihailuk was spoken to the day after she made the speech including the allegations – which had never been raised prior to the address – and Mr Minns asked if there was more information to substantiate the claims but no further details were given in that meeting.

The Opposition Leader said he then followed up twice on Thursday through texting and calling without a response and again on Friday morning via text and a phone call but there was no answer.

Ms Mihailuk was contacted by SkyNews.com.au but not response was received at the time of publication.

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