‘More questions than answers’: Police update case of missing woman Breanna Muriwai

Police update case of missing woman Breanna Muriwai. Video / Police Ten 7

1It’s been almost three months since Breanna Muriwai was last seen running into the darkness at Te Horo Beach and police say the only people speaking are giving more questions than answers.

The 22-year-old nursing student was last seen on August 28 after travelling from Wellington to Palmerston North, then through to Te Horo Beach.

Her family are desperate for answers, and police now say the chances of her walking through the door in time for Christmas is “very, very unlikely”.

“Her family is in turmoil. They need to know where their much-loved daughter and family member is, and we are committed to finding answers for them.”

Muriwai was picked up on Friday 26 by a male friend from Wellington, and the pair drove to Palmerston North, where they stayed overnight. She was last captured on CCTV at 11.15am on Saturday at a liquor store in the area.

That evening, she told a friend she wanted to return home to Paraparaumu and he agreed to drive her home. As the night went on, the pair drove and picked up a second man before driving south to Kimberly Reserve near Levin.

They next stop in Ōtaki where Muriwai’s friend withdraws money from her account.

They then meet a third person at Hyde Park, on the corner of State Highway 1 and Te Horo Beach Rd before heading to Te Horo Beach Rd where they park on the beach access.

From here, things get murky.

Detective senior sergeant Dave Thompson said it’s reported Muriwai “ran off” down the beach into the darkness and has not been seen since.

Her bank accounts are untouched, her phone is not polling, none of her family or friend have heard a word and all her social media has remained as she left it.

“This is completely out of character for her,” said Thompson.

“Police have identified and spoken with the men that were with Breanna a number of times, but this has only given us more questions than answers. We are keeping an open mind as to what has happened to Breanna and continue to treat her disappearance as unexplained.”

Now, police want to hear from anyone who may have seen a silver Peugeot on the night of August 28, 2022, in the area of Kimberley Reserve, Otaki Main Rd, Hyde Park, Te Horo Sea Road beach access, Peka Peka and the former Marycrest school area.

The silver Peugot police are seeking sightings of.
The silver Peugot police are seeking sightings of.

They are also interested in hearing from anyone who saw a green early model Honda from the early hours of Monday August 29, 2022.

The green honda police are seeking sightings of.
The green honda police are seeking sightings of.

“There are people out there who know more about the circumstances of Breanna’s disappearance, and we want to hear from them.”

While Muriwai’s handbag was spotted on the sea road access on August 28, police are still searching for a purple suitcase they believe could be “significant” to putting together the case.

“We believe it has come from the Peugeot vehicle and belongs to one of the men Breanna was with that evening.”

“Although we have been told one person’s account of the contents, we are looking for any further information about it and its current whereabouts.”

Muriwai’s mother Jasmin Gray told the Herald last month that “time has come to a standstill” since her daughter disappeared, and she will not rest until she is home.

Gray told the Herald her daughter is many things – outgoing and vibrant with a passion for the outdoors, and has a wicked sense of humour that always “turned a low into a good laugh”.

“She is always striving to learn, grow, thrive and do better within and around herself which is what drives her.”

The pain of a missing loved one is almost unbearable for Gray and her family. Muriwai’s disappearance has torn a hole in the whanau, and Gray says she is finding it impossible to cope.

“We’re barely managing or functioning. It’s like all time has come to a standstill,” she told the Herald.

For her missing daughter, Gray had a message of hope.

“If you’re able to see this, just know me and Nan are searching high and low for you and we’re never giving up but, we know you’d already know this. Stay strong bub, we’ll find you and bring you home.”

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