iPhone’s New Search Button in iOS 16 Is Frustrating. Here’s How to Get Rid of It

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Now that you can download iOS 16 on your iPhone, you’ll find that there are some features and settings that you absolutely love. And on the other hand, you’ll find others that you might not be so fond of. If you’re getting the new iPhone 14, this will apply to you too.

One particularly frustrating feature that comes to mind is the addition of the Search button at the bottom of the home screen (right above your dock). Many people are unhappy with the new home screen setting and here’s why: While the Search feature on iOS is useful for quickly finding text messages, files, settings, websites and photos, the new button is placed in a location where it’s easy to accidentally tap it — especially when you’re scrolling through your various home screen pages.

And when you do inadvertently hit the new Search button, the Search feature blows up in full screen. Then you have to swipe out of it to go back to your home screen, which is annoying.

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I’ll explain the easy fix to get rid of the new Search button on your home screen. If you want to learn more about iOS 16, check out how to unsend and edit text messages, view all your saved Wi-Fi passwords and customize your lock screen with widgets.

How to get rid of the new Search button on iOS 16

On your iPhone running iOS 16, launch the Settings application, go to Home Screen and toggle off the Show on Home Screen button underneath “Search.” Instead of the Search button on your home screen, you’ll now see several dots indicating your various home screen pages instead. If you press on it, nothing happens.

iOhone home screen (with and without search field) and the home screen settings page

Easily remove the Search button in Settings.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

If you want to access the Search feature after removing the home-screen button, you can access it the traditional way: swipe down from anywhere on your screen.

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