How to Download the iOS 16 Public Beta and What to Try First

A screenshot of iOS 16

Screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

I could’ve used these Focus filters while researching this piece! While iOS has had the Focus feature since iOS 15, it’s been revamped in iOS 16, making it much easier to set up. Now, Focus offers an onboarding explainer before dumping you into the many options available.

To access Focus mode, head into Settings > Focus. Start a new Focus profile by tapping on the plus sign, and then iOS 16 will ask you what you want to focus on. Choose from a list of predetermined Focus modes, including one for driving and one for reading. Or you can tap to create a custom Focus mode.

Once you’ve named your Focus mode, there are four main options to consider before saving. The Silence Notifications option lets you mute people and apps that you don’t want to bother you during a specific time. Below that, you can choose to customize the Lock Screen and Home Screen, which we’ll get into next.

Then comes the automation part. You can allow iOS 16 to use Smart Activation, which automatically turns on your Focus mode based on time, location, and app usage. You can also choose a precise time, location, or app to trigger the particular Focus mode.

Lastly, Focus mode offers Focus Filters for select apps, so you can configure how some of Apple’s default apps react when switching into a particular mode. This will allow you to do things like shut off your work calendar when you’re in “Hang out with the family” mode or force the interface into dark mode for an easier time reading on screen.

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