How did Kyle finish in top 3 for AFP voting?

Kyle Capener Big BrotherWe thought that there could be some controversy during the Big Brother 24 finale, but strangely, it was not due to the players themselves.

Instead, we are looking in the direction of Big Brother houseguest Kyle Capener, who ended up finishing in the top three of America’s Favorite Houseguest (a.k.a. AFP) voting.How did this happen? This is the same houseguest who wanted to make an anti-Cookout alliance consisting of Caucasian houseguests, which is one of the most controversial moments of the season.

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Some of these votes may have been Kyle fans in spite of the controversy (he did have a TikTok following coming into this), but others may have been against what they considered to be some level of anti-Kyle social media groupthink; or, somehow opposed to the idea of him being “canceled,” which he never really was. He did something that was awful and will face consequences for it, but him receiving top 3 in the vote does make you wonder if some fans are reinforcing some of his behavior?

We should note that in the past few days, we did see a number of organized campaigns for Kyle voters, so we can’t say that we’re surprised by this. There are those out there who thought he was treated unfairly by the show, and were likely putting their votes to show their support of him.

Here’s another question: Would Kyle have been top 3 if Michael and Brittany didn’t speak up?

We know that Kyle has apologized for his behavior in the game and the players have forgiven him for it; the true measure of his remorse, though, will come in the weeks and months after the game. Kyle finishing third for AFP just paints an uncomfortable picture of how some fans perceived him in the aftermath of all that happened, and it is a difficult part of this finale to acknowledge and accept. (Remember that the rest of it was fantastic, including a history-making win on multiple fronts for Taylor Hale.)

What is your reaction to Kyle getting top three in AFP – Big Brother 24 voting?

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