Harry Styles, Who Recently Made $95 Million After Humongous Effort, Teams Up With Shaquille O’Neal to Help Ukraine

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and superstar Harry Styles are joining hands to raise money for the WHO in Ukraine. Recently, Harry Styles appeared in 40 shows around the U.S. for his ‘Love on Tour.’ As per reports, it collected close to $95 million with 720,000 tickets being sold. And he broke attendance records in multiple places including Michigan, Arizona, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The tour also raised over $1 million for non-profit partners. And now Styles is all set to lend a helping hand to war-ridden Ukraine.

According to reports, the duo of superstars, along with Ed Sheeran and other celebrities, will raise cash by donating their belongings to support health care in Ukraine. Recently, an e-store named “Human Kind” was launched where fans can try to win items donated by their favorite celebrities. The funds raised will go towards supporting WHO’s actions in war-ravaged Ukraine and neighboring countries.


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Furthermore, the foundation aimed to raise around $53.7 million in donations. While Styles donated a signed vinyl, O’Neal donated signed shirts and jerseys. Additionally, other celebrities like Wladimir Klitschko, Annie Lennox, Ellie Goulding, and Shepard Fairey also donated their belongings to help raise money for Ukraine.

Shaquille O’Neal shows support for Ukraine and Brittney Griner

Many celebrities have shown their support for Ukraine in the last few months. And Shaquille O’Neal is one among them. The Big Diesel took to Instagram to show his support for Ukraine with the message “STAND UP FOR UKRAINE.”


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Furthermore, the caption read, 82.4 million people globally have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict, violence, persecution, or human rights violations. We must #StandUpForUkraine and for refugees around the world to ensure that they get the support that they need now: http://ForUkraine.com

The Los Angeles Lakers legend also talked about the detainment of WNBA star Brittney Griner in Russia. In one episode of his “The Big Podcast with Shaq”, O’Neal and co-host Nischelle Turner talked about Griner’s situation. Shaq stated Griner got into a very unfortunate situation in Russia. He even claimed that she is being used as a “political pawn.” And he could not believe Russia’s demands for letting Griner go.


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They admitted they want the towering center back home. However, Turner was not sure about the prison trade between the U.S. and Russia. She stated that giving up an arms dealer for Griner does not seem like a good option. Also, Turner used her platform to warn all Americans that are traveling to not-so-friendly countries. She requested that people traveling to a foreign country be aware of the different rules and regulations of the country.

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