Fortnite airs Rocket League tournament in-game, with cosmetic rewards for viewers

Rocket League, one of the best cross-platform multiplayer games out there, is currently holding its World Championship. It’s also crossing over with Fortnite during the tournament, giving fans of the battle royale game the chance to tune in and take home some prizes.

It all goes down on Rocket League Island, which you can reach with the code 8205-6994-2065. While there, you can watch Rocket League World Championship matches. From Tuesday, August 9 through Thursday, August 11, they start airing at 11:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM PT. From Friday, August 12 through Sunday, August 14, they’ll air a bit earlier, starting at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT. In either case, viewers will be able to watch and vote on which Rocket League team will win their tournament match. Each time they score, you’ll gain a power-up. When the Rocket League match ends, the Fortnite match begins, and anyone who picked the winning team will start with upgraded weapons.

Image via Epic Games

That’s how the Creative island works, but you can also earn cosmetics that carry over into the rest of Fortnite. As detailed on the Fortnite blog, you can get the Regal Rocket glider, Nice Shot emoticon, Rocket League Trophy back bling, and Golden Goal spray (clockwise from top left, above) by completing challenges on the Rocket League island.

In addition to the Fortnite prizes, you can also score some cosmetics in Rocket League. Enter the code “RocketLeagueLive” in that game to get the Aero Mage wheels, Hustle Brows topper, Neon Runner banner, and RLCS Theme anthem. There are other Rocket League codes to use as well.

Meanwhile, Fortnite is already looking ahead to the Halloween season. The call for Fortnitemares 2022 submissions has been sent out, so you can get started on your creepy Creative islands now.

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