Elton John concert ‘victims’ really aggressors according to one attorney

After an Elton John concert at Dodger Stadium last weekend, a man was caught on camera viciously punching another man. The man has a very different account of what happened, and he claims the apparent victims are actually the villains.

The man wearing the blue t-shirt in the video is represented by attorney Glen T. Jonas, who told TMZ, “The so-called ‘victims’ drove their SUV in a prohibited area, hitting my client with the SUV mirror.”

According to Jonas, the husband and wife in the SUV were not provoked by his client. He claims that after accusing his client and other people of hitting their mirror, they got out of the car and started yelling obscenities.

The driver “performed a wrestling maneuver, seized the woman by both legs and lifted her up, forcing her head to smash the concrete,” Jonas claims, adding that they subsequently attacked his client and two other women. He claims that while this was happening, the wife choked and yanked the other woman’s hair.

The lawyer claims that his client helped the woman whose skull had been crushed by the concrete. According to Jonas, the video only captures the latter moments of the incident when his client punched the victim several times.

The fight outside the Elton John concert

The driver was apparently the one who started the violence, according to attorney Glen T. Jonas, who appeared on “TMZ Live” to restate what he previously told them about what allegedly occurred outside the Elton John show.

The entire story, according to Jonas, is backwards on its ass because his client was only defending the women he was with that evening, stressing that if you strike women, you’ll get whooped. But according to Jonas, his client is currently facing internet harassment and attacks as a result of how things have turned out.

It’s fascinating… According to Jonas, the women who were reportedly assaulted by the driver did in fact speak to police and wish to file a report. Police have only so far apprehended one suspect, the man in the black shirt, solely on the basis of a vandalism accusation.

Although there is video proof of at least one party getting violent, it is unclear whether or not battery charges will be brought against anyone in this case.

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