Angelenos sound off on what needs to be done about the 6th Street Bridge

It’s been a tumultuous debut for the recently unveiled 6th Street Bridge.

Everything from climbers to crashes and haircuts to wheelies has drawn attention — some of it unwanted — to the $588-million marvel, which opened earlier this month.

The Los Angeles Police Department has plans to conduct traffic enforcement on the bridge as a way to avoid the nighttime closures that have been implemented multiple times recently, but on Facebook, many SoCal residents had ideas of their own.

Between the skid marks and vandalism, “it would be cheaper to post an officer there full time, 24/7 than pay for on going repairs,” noted Tony Dincau.

Gloria Jean Lopez, meanwhile, argued that the bridge should be limited to bicycles and pedestrians only.

“Close it to cars; done, over; they had their chance. It would be a beautiful bike path for children & families; it could be a peaceful & relaxing place to walk, and with park benches a place to sit & behold nuestra Los Angeles!” she wrote.

Others also argued for safety measures such as cameras, speed bumps, center dividers, guard rails and even implementing a toll for cars.

“Install some steel posts that come up from the concrete when illegal activity is taking place. Cameras will capture what happened and cars that are trapped inside will get impounded or ticketed,” said Jorge Arellano.

Many other commenters were also upset with what they perceived to be a lack of consequences for those who have endangered themselves and others on the bridge.

“I want the fines to be sky high for this immature dangerous behavior. Use the money to pay for police to be on the bridge. No excuses, no warnings, enough!” wrote Sharon Paul.

“Up to this point it’s a perfect example of not paying for their actions!” Dan Delancey added.

Some people, however, are fed up with the bridge and the hoopla surrounding it.

“Can’t have anything nice anymore, demo the bridge & call it a day,” Kris Andersen opined.

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