13 Trending Airbnbs to Book in 2023: From Wales to Malibu

Trending Airbnbs are hot topic in the GLAMOUR office right now. It’s never too early to start thinking about a holiday, and with the end of 2022 in sight we’re all furiously scrolling through Airbnb at every opportunity in search of our next getaway. But with thousands of properties to choose from all over the world, it can be a tad overwhelming. Luckily, Airbnb has added six new helpful categories for finding stays you’d never think to look for, and one of those is Airbnb Trending.

As the name suggests, Airbnb Trending is an edit, well, trending Airbnbs. Read: highly rated homes that are receiving increased interest. Technically speaking, that means they’ll have had more listing views (read: clicks) that week than the previous week. And as you might expect from a highly rated home, the hosts tend to be superhosts providing an extra level of reassurance when it comes to booking.

Although trending may suggest an edit of super luxe properties all located in Majorca, there are currently homes located all over the world in the trending category, including the UK. So whether you want a weekend in a holiday cottage or simply an escape from the city without having to get on a plane, there are plenty of options. Equally, for those more adventurous, you can find some seriously dreamy Airbnb listings. I mean, where else would you get the chance to stay in a treehouse?

One of the top Trending picks at the moment is this Mexican villa. Calling all groom and brides-to-be, did someone say perfect honeymoon destination?! Nestled in the middle of the Tulum jungle and with its own private pool, this is the much-need relaxing break after the stress of wedding planning. Just don’t forget to pack your suncream!

The five other new search categories on the site include new for newly added homes; top of the world for properties located around 10,000 feet above sea level for guests wanting unlimited views; adapted which only lists fully wheelchair accessible properties; play for homes featuring fun elements such as games rooms, swimming pools, and basketball courts; and finally hanoks which are traditional Korean homes constructed of natural materials.

But without wanting to specify our search too much, we’re quite content to scroll through all the trending Airbnb listings and wait for inspiration to strike. The only downside? Trending means popular, so if you see somewhere you like you better book quick…

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